Piercing Age Restrictions and Requirements

You MUST be at least 18 years of age or older to consent to your own body piercing. ID’s are required from everyone, no exceptions.  You may be 14 with proper ID (must have state issued picture ID and date of birth) with birth parent present also with proper picture ID. If the last names of you and your child are different than we must insist of making a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Sorry step moms and dads. You do not have a legal right to sign for your step child. No one under the age of 18 (emancipated or not) will be allowed to get pierced without their parent present.


Please add $10 to all piercing costs to account for aftercare. If you receive more that one piercing in one sitting only a one time charge of $10 will be applied for aftercare.


Lobes 2 piercings – $40.00
All Cartilage piercings – $40.00
Any Industrial piercing – $80.00
Ear project of 4 or more – $160.00


All facial piercings are $40.00


Navel – $40.00
Nipple – $40 each
Surface piercings – $60.00


All oral piercings range from $40.00 – $80.00


Female Piercings – $90.00
Male Piercings – $90 to $120


Piercing Gallery

Sorry for all the rescheduling that came along with this but we finally have a new date for our piercing deal! Wednesday December 16th will be our buy one get one half off special. Unfortunately we aren’t offering any services to minors you must be 18 years or older and must have a state/government issued ID with you the day of the appointment! Any questions please message me or give the shop a call 📞

We wanted to extended the gift certificate deal for a small business appreciation to all of those that have supported us through out this rough year. Thank you so much for all for the support, love, and appreciation you've shown us❤️ Let us help show some back!

Call or message us for any questions❗️

I apologize to those who are waiting for the piercing deal and for any inconvenience this may have caused. I will update with a post on a new day the deal will take place as soon as possible! Thank you for your understand and patience. If you have any questions please message my account @mikayla_piercings_lct ...

I apologize but will have to reschedule for our piercing deal. Please message me if you have any questions ...

Tragus piercing 💎 go check out my page for our special Monday only on piercings! Buy one get one half off ❗️

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Surface piercing I got to do the other day! Call the shop and make appointments for Monday 💎

#facialpiercings #bodypiercing #surfacepiercing #westchester #pennsylvania #localcolor #localcolorink #localcolortattoos #piercingsbymikayla


Local color will be participating this Black Friday with gift certificate sale❗️ You can call the shop and place your gift certificate order over the phone with credit/debit cards. We will hold onto the gift certificate in store and have you call upon arrival when you’re ready to stop by and pick them up. (Please make sure to call the shop instead of walking in!!!)

All callers between 12-1 pm will receive an additional $50 on every $100 spent!

All callers from 1-8 pm will receive an additional $25 dollars on every $100 spent!

Please call the shop or message me for any further questions this doesn’t cover. Thank you & talk to you all on Friday ☎️

Cartilage piercing to start off this Saturday! Thanks Ingrid for stoping in the shop and choosing @localcolorink 💎 I have more availability today so give me a call at 610-918-1920 ☎️

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Thanks Maddy for stoping in today and changing out some old piercings we did!! We changed her rook and conch jewelry to some fun opal jewelry 💎 message me for any jewelry inquiries or questions

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Happy Wednesday 💎 got to start today off with a navel piercing. I have more availability today and this week so give me a call or DM me to set something up!!

#navelpiercing #bellybuttonpiercing #bodypiercing #bodypiercer #westchester #pennsylvania #localcolor #localcolortattoo #localcolorink #piercingsbymikayla

Huge shout out to Emma for this fun piercing today !! Such an awesome girl, thank you for coming to see me 💎

#facialpiercings #smileypiercing #oralpiercing #bodypiercing #westchester #pennsylvania #localcolor #localcolorink #piercingsbymikayla

Mid cartilage piercing with light blue gem from earlier today 😁

#cartilagepiercing #earpiercings #bodypiercing #westchester #pennsylvania #localcolor #localcolorink #localcolortattoos #piercingsbymikayla

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